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Several people sitting in a room at a Dog Bite Safety In-Person Training class

Dog Bite Safety

Expert training on what to do when man’s best friend stops being friendly.

Dog Bite Safety Team

About Us

Led by our Founder and CEO Angel Soriano and developed from 35 years of experience, our approach to dog bite prevention and safety is rooted in our deep love for dogs. With that love comes a respect and an understanding about the nature of dogs, where they come from and that when provoked by either internal or external disturbances, they can become dangerous.

Who Benefits From Dog Bite Safety?

Adult & Child Services

Animal Control


Construction Workers

Delivery Personnel

Door-to-Door Canvassers

Emergency Personnel

Fire Department

Health Department

Humane Society

In-Home Caretakers

Insurance Adjusters

Law Enforcement

Municipal Employees

Parks & Recreation

Phone/cable Installers

Public Housing – HUD

Senior Adults

Utility Employees

Veterinary Staff

Our approach to dog bite prevention and safety is rooted in our deep love and respect for dogs, where they come from, their innate traits and that they can naturally become aggressive when provoked by either internal or external forces. With that respect in mind, our dog bite safety training focuses first on prevention, eliminating dangerous encounters before they occur.

Behind the Numbers

Dog behavior is recognizable and follows patterns. How we respond to these patterns dictates whether we get growled at, chased, attacked or even bitten.


Quality behavioral education is the best method to positively change dog bite statistics. Dog Bite Safety offers specialized behavioral training to prevent dog bites.


We’re ready to help you with all your dog bite safety needs. Purchase one of our training videos, call us at 405-410-8231 or fill out the form below to see how we can help keep you, your family and employees safe.

  • Approximately 30-50 people die every year due to dog bite injuries.

  • Dog bites are the fifth most frequent cause of emergency room visits.

  • The main source of rabies transmission to humans is dog bites.

  • The average cost of a single dog bite is over $44,000.

In-Person Training

Led by Angel Soriano, our in-person dog bite prevention and safety classes are designed to protect yourself, your family and your employees. Contact us for a free estimate.

Video Training

We focus on preventing encounters with aggressive dogs before they even happen and then what to do if they become unavoidable. Our videos are designed for children, veterinarians, workers in the field and families, as well as for general training suitable for all ages and occupations.


Our Reviews

“Excellent class tutorial. We've taken both the video, and in-person options, and both had their takeaways. Highly recommend it."

– John S. –

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