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Man and dog outside

Field Personnel, Utility Personnel and Support Workers

Protecting Those Most Likely to Encounter Dangerous Situations with Dogs

This video class is created to protect those who work outside or in the field, as they are most likely to encounter dangerous situations with dogs. Our patented video training provides the education required to identify a dangerous situation and avoid any dangerous dog confrontation, focusing on prevention first and then what to do if a potential dog bite is inevitable. Prevention through avoidance or defusing is the ONLY effective science-based method of eliminating dog bites. If you or your employees work in the field or outside, this video training is a must have to ensure dog bite safety for all.

Avoiding Dog Bites For Utility & Municipal Workers
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One 55-Minute Video Class, Available via Streaming Video on Computer and Mobile.


If you use your own company Learning Management System, let us know and we'll ensure that our video is uploaded to your system

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