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Mailman and girl high fiving

Focusing on Children's Safety

The Adventures of Freddie and Frannie

When it comes to dog bite safety, our children are the most important group to educate, and the sooner the better. With that in mind, we developed a kid-friendly series, “The Adventures of Frannie and Frankie,” which teaches kids to first avoid potentially dangerous dog situations, what to do if one is unavoidable and how to protect themselves should a bite occur. Presented in one, cohesive video, across three chapters, this kid-focused training showcases a child, Frannie, teaching these important lessons, making it more likely your children will connect and learn.

In this video, Frankie is a forgetful mailman who needs to learn about how to be safe around dogs. Fortunately for him – and for viewers – Frannie is there to teach about dog bite safety through a series of interactive learning chapters, including sing-along, dance and transcription, hitting on each learning style to maximize effectiveness. (Chapter 3 will require one piece of paper per trainee and an optional envelope to send Frankie a reminder on dog bite safety.)

Chapter One - "Stay Away " - 0:00 - 2:35

Chapter Two - "The Butt Wag " - 2:35 - 5:32

Chapter Three - "Dos and Don'ts " - 5:33 - 8:42

The Adventures of Frannie and Frankie
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Franny and Frankie doing some dog bite prevention training

One Video, Three Segments, Training On:

  • Learning the signs of a potentially dangerous dogs

  • Knowing when a dog is approachable and how to approach it

  • Avoiding dangerous dogs

  • What to do if bitten


Behind the Numbers

Dog behavior is recognizable and follows patterns. How we respond to these patterns dictates whether we get growled at, chased, attacked or even bitten.


Quality behavioral education is the best method to positively change dog bite statistics. Dog Bite Safety offers specialized behavioral training to prevent dog bites.


We’re ready to help you with all your dog bite safety needs. Purchase one of our training videos, call us at 405-410-8231 or fill out the form below to see how we can help keep you, your family and employees safe.

  • Children under 12 are the targets of over 50 percent of all dog bites.

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