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Several people sitting in a Dog Bite Safety In-Person Training class

Our In-Person Training

A tailored Patented proven safety class designed to avoid dangers before they emerge.

Several people sitting in a Dog Bite Safety In-Person Training class

Personal Training to Fit Your Needs

Our programs were developed using advanced animal behavioral sciences, keeping in mind the simple actions dogs instinctively follow, and have been honed over 35 years.

Our in-person training first focuses on avoiding potentially dangerous situations with dogs before they occur, which is the best type of dog bite safety.


We then go into what to do if a dangerous situation becomes unavoidable.

Dog Bite Safety LLC is the
small sister company to
K9 University LLC.

A small taste of what we teach!

Part of the program introduces patented video examples created by our own team that display real behavioral conditions that easily teach students how to read a dangerous dog and how to defuse aggressive behavior.   No other program has been designed using real field data.

We are able to customize our in-person classes for your employees or group. Please contact us to begin a discussion to answer any questions you may have.

Black dog in a Dog Bite Safety In-Person Training class

Behind the Numbers

Dog behavior is recognizable and follows patterns. How we respond to these patterns dictates whether we get growled at, chased, attacked or even bitten.


Quality behavioral education is the best method to positively change dog bite statistics. Dog Bite Safety LLC offers specialized behavioral training to prevent dog bites.


We’re ready to help you with all your dog bite safety needs. Purchase one of our training videos, call us at 405-410-8231 or fill out the form below to see how we can help keep you, and your employees safe. 

  • Nearly $2 billion is spent yearly to defend, litigate, and provide medical care due to dog bite injuries.

  • Over 800,000 people require medical attention yearly.

  • 10,000 to 13,000 people are hospitalized each year as a result of dog bites.

  • There are nearly 83 million dogs in America.

  • Many dog bites are never reported.

Workers in the Field

Protecting those who are most likely to encounter a dangerous dog situation.

Personnel who work outside – policemen, firemen, postal workers, canvassers, utility workers, municipal workers and more – often have very little choice as to whether they should enter private property for their work, and therefore, their job typically puts them in potentially hazardous situations. This in-person training is specialized for those professions most in danger of an aggressive dog encounter.

Video Training

We focus on preventing encounters with aggressive dogs before they even happen and then what to do if they become unavoidable. Our videos are designed for children, veterinarians, workers in the field and families, as well as for general training suitable for all ages and occupations.

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