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Veterinarian and dog

Veterinary Staff Video

Safety Training for Those on the Frontlines

When it comes to anyone working in a veterinary office, it is best to follow one rule: get them in fast, get them out faster. That’s exactly what this video class trains veterinary staff to do, through providing an all-encompassing protocol for the aggressive dog vet visit, from the first time the phone is answered, to when the aggressive dog is treated and released. This video class includes hundreds of original pictures, video illustrations, and our patented science-based behavioral material designed to teach the staff how to deal with a truly dangerous dog. A must have for those who spend their days on the frontlines of potentially dangerous dog bite situations.

Avoiding Dog Bites - For Veterinary Staff
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One 58-Minute Video Class, Available via Streaming Video on Computer and Mobile.

If you use your own company Learning Management System, let us know and we'll ensure that our video is uploaded to your system

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