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Dog Bite Safety Founder and CEO Angel Soriano

Who We Are

Experts in dog bite safety with 35 years of experience.

Dog Bite Safety In-Person Training

Local and Proud

We are a proud family owned and operated Oklahoma business. Founded in California in 1985, we have over 37 years of experience in our specialized field of dog bite prevention and safety. We strive to be the bridge between man and man’s best friend, teaching the former what to do to ensure not only a coexistence, but a better existence with dogs.


Our approach to dog bite prevention and safety is rooted in our deep love and respect for dogs, where they come from, their innate traits and that they can naturally become aggressive when provoked by either internal or external forces. With that respect in mind, our dog bite safety training focuses first on prevention, eliminating dangerous encounters before they occur.

Behind the Numbers

Dog behavior is recognizable and follows patterns. How we respond to these patterns dictates whether we get growled at, chased, attacked or even bitten.


Quality behavioral education is the best method to positively change dog bite statistics. Dog Bite Safety offers specialized behavioral training to prevent dog bites.


We’re ready to help you with all your dog bite safety needs. Purchase one of our training videos, call us at 405-410-8231 or fill out the form below to see how we can help keep you, your family and employees safe.

  • Approximately 4.5 million people are bitten every year.

  • Someone seeks medical attention for a dog bite every 40 seconds in the United States.

  • Approximately 70% of dog bites will get infected.

  • " bites are a public health crisis; there are very few public health crises that can be cured by education, dog bites are one of them;" and "the most surprising aspect of this public health crisis is that it does NOT have to be this way; dog bites are preventable." --- American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

Dog Bite Safety Founder and CEO Angel Soriano

Our Leader

Angel Soriano, Founder and CEO

Under Angel’s leadership, Dog Bite Safety has developed modern, patented and copyrighted behavioral techniques that equip our students with the tools and the confidence to accurately read aggressive dog behaviors and properly defuse a dangerous situation.

Dog Bite Safety Founder and CEO Angel Soriano

About Angel

Angel Soriano is an animal behavioral expert specializing in canines. He and his educational staff have active memberships with the American Dog Trainers Association (ADTA), the National Dog Trainers Association (NDTA), and the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and have been involved in advanced dog disciplines since 1985. He is also the founder of K9 University LLC, which was established for the sole purpose of servicing the needs of advanced canine behavioral cases in the Oklahoma City Metro area.

Today, the company is the largest in the midwest covering nearly all facets of dog training and behavioral curbing.

Angel’s training disciplines include advanced practices such as Occupational Dog Bite Safety (Canine Assault Prevention) and personal protection training. He and his team also train dogs for police and for search, rescue and recovery. These experiences have given him a credible expertise at properly reading dogs and dealing with problematic or difficult behavioral conditions.


Led by Angel Soriano, our in-person dog bite prevention and safety classes are designed to protect yourself, your family and your employees. Contact us for a free estimate.

Video Training

We focus on preventing encounters with aggressive dogs before they even happen and then what to do if they become unavoidable. Our videos are designed for children, veterinarians, workers in the field and families, as well as for general training suitable for all ages and occupations.

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