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Our Videos

Informed by over 35 years of experience in the field of dog bite safety, our bite prevention videos focus first on avoiding dangerous situations with dogs before they even occur.

Our video training is designed for dog bite safety instruction, as well as specifically for children, veterinarians, workers in the field and families.

Our goal is to provide the best dog bite safety training possible, so, please contact us with any questions by calling us at 405-410-8231 or by filling out our online form.

The Adventures of Frannie and Frankie
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A Focus on Children

The sooner kids learn how to avoid dog bites the more likely they are to be safe. These lessons focus on that all-important mission with a kid-friendly delivery.


Dog Bite Safety For Everyone

This Dog Bite Safety video class will educate your family and friends on how to eliminate the dangers presented by a biting dog. We're all exposed to conditions where you’ll need to deal with a would-be dangerous dog, it’s imperative for your safety, and your kid's, that you’re aware of how to read and defuse a biting dog.